Govt. College, Nalwa (Hisar)

Programme Outcomes


After completing graduation,

 1. They will have a sense of social service

 2. They will realize moral and human values.

3. They will be responsible, dutiful citizen of country with character.

 4. Their ability of critical thinking and creativity will increase.

 5. They will demonstrate a working knowledge of importance, historical, social and linguistic events and movements that have affected human culture.

6. They will cultivate the sensibility to discern the evolution of civilizations and cultures.

 7. They will also be up to date with contemporary developments and develop a sociological sensibility to critically understand the social phenomena that affects their lives

8. The students will be eligible for employment in tourism, media, hospitality, and other industries. Students also become employable in non-governmental organizations. They will also be able to appear for competitive examinations conducted for public sector jobs. The general humanities education equips them to clear competitive exams.

9. Students on completion of the undergraduate degree will be better able to appreciate the literary and cultural diversity.


After completing graduation,

1. Students will inculcate the scientific attitude by understanding the science of nature

2. Their Ability to analyze quantitative and qualitative data will increase. , to draw correct inferences

3. Help them to understand the issues related to nature and environment for sustainable development.

4. They will get broad academic understanding and laboratory skills in multi-disciplinary fields like chemistry, mathematics and physics.


5. They will understand the structure, functions and composition of the pure and applied sciences.

6. They will get employment opportunities in research, development fields, hospitals, chemical industries, environment management and conservation, testing laboratories, forest services, geological survey departments, teaching, chemist, etc

7. After bsc they can do studies in M.Sc, MBA, MCA, B.Ed, etc

8. Students will be able to clear defence service exams, civil service exams, banking exams,etc.


After completing graduation,

1. Students can get skills regarding various aspects like Marketing Manager, Selling Manager, over all Administration abilities of the Company. 

2. Capability of the students to make decisions at personal & professional level will increase after completion of this course. 

3. Students can independently start up their own Business.

4.  Students can get thorough knowledge of finance and commerce.

5.  The knowledge of different specializations in Accounting, costing, banking and finance with the    practical exposure helps the students to stand in organization.

  6. By goodness of the preparation they can turn into a Manager, Accountant ,Management Accountant, cost Accountant, Bank Manager, Auditor, Company Secretary, Teacher, Professor, Stock Agents, Government employments and so on., 

7. Students will prove themselves in different professional exams like C.A. , C S, CMA, MPSC, UPSC. As well as other coerces.  Students will be able to do their higher education and can make research in the field of finance and commerce

8. The students will acquire the knowledge, skill in different areas of communication, decision making, innovations and problem solving in day to day business activities. 

9. Students will gain thorough systematic and subject skills within various disciplines of finance, auditing and taxation, accounting, management, communication, computer.

10.  Students can also get the practical skills to work as accountant, audit assistant, tax consultant, and computer operator as well as other financial supporting services.

11.  Students will learn relevant Advanced accounting career skills, applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge to their future careers in business. 

12. They will develop management skills. Entrepreneurial skills, Numerical ability. Well familiar with business regulatory framework.

13. Students will cope with latest developments in business world at national and global level.

 14. Student will acquire employability skills and prepare himself to take leadership positions in corporate world. 

                Learning Outcome (Department Wise)

         Department of Hindi

हिंदी भाषा और साहित्य के मूल की समझ ,साहित्य के विकास इतिहास की समझ | आदिकाल, भक्तिकाल, रीतिकाल आधुनिक काल की परिस्थितियों का ज्ञान |प्रत्येक युग के कवियों और लेखकों की पहचान |हिंदी कविता, कहानी, नाटक, उपन्यास, रेखाचित्र संस्मरण के इतिहास की जानकारी |मीडिया के विविध माध्यमो की जानकारी |

   Department of English

To use a variety of reading strategies to foster comprehension and to construct personally meaningful and culturally relevant connections to the text.

                                                        Department of History

Students will be able analyze a key historical event of Modern world.They will understand how revolutions take place while studying  about French and Russian Revolutions.The concepts of imperialism will be more defined by the scramble of Africa.The world wars and the disasters they brought the students will be able to understand.The economy of the world will clear their concepts of economic depression and mercantilism.

                                                    Department of Economics

              To grasp the importance of planning undertaken by the government of India, have knowledge on various objectives, failures and achievements. To understand importance, causes and impact of population growth and its distribution, translate and relate them with economic development. To develop ability to understand concepts like national income and it’s calculation, consumption, saving, investment, inflation, unemployment, foreign trade and to apply the same on the economy of Haryana so that students can understand the government policies.

                                                   Department of EVS

Knowledge- Understand the natural environment as a system and how human enterprise affects that system. Critical Thinking: To demonstrate critical thinking skills in relation to environmental affairs. . Communication: To demonstrate knowledge and application of communication skills and the ability to write effectively in a variety of contexts.                                                      

                                                    Department of Mathematics

        After the completion of under graduation course, Students will be able

          To develop ability to find the inverse of a matrix; solve the matrix equation using row operations, column operations, Characteristic equation, Eigen values and corresponding eigenvectors of a given matrix.To understand the relationship between the derivative and the definite integral as expressed in both parts of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus also develop ability to locate the x and y intercepts, any undefined points and any asymptotes.

                                                  Department of Psychology            

              Students will be able to Cope their problems and better adjustment shown with environment after getting guidance and counseling services. Examine biomedical, individual and group approaches to treatment and relationship between etiology and therapeutic approaches in relation to Psychological disease. Use Scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena, interact effectively with others & apply psychological content and skills to achieve the goal.

                                                       Department of commerce

          Use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena, interact effectively with others & apply psychological content and skills to achieve the goal to develop the ability of the students to communicate clearly and correctly in English and regional languages on the matters relevant to day to day business operations. To increase the knowledge of income tax properly and learn to assess the income tax of person according to income tax provisions. To learn the students about marketing and advertising skills, all the marketing factors and customers behaviours. 

                                                          Department of Geography

Paper I Physical Geography

1. Understand the effect of rotation of revolution the Earth. Understand interior structure of the earth

Paper II Human Geography                         

1. Understand the relationship of man and environment. Studies of races of man kinds.

Paper III Economic Geography

1. Study the Human Economic Activities.Understand the mineral and power resources

Paper IV Remote Sensing & GIS

1. Understand the History of Remote Sensing

2. Know Arial Photographs and Satellite Imageries

Paper V Geography of India

1. Understand the variability of Physiography, climate in India.

2. Study of problems of soil erosion and their conservation methods.

Practical Geography Study of Scales, Projections and Surveying

1. Understand the different surviving techniques.

2. Knowledge about preparation of layout.

         Learning outcome of Political Science


1.     Students will able to understand the issues of international and domestic politics and public policy.

2.     Students will able to analyze political and policy problems and also able to formulate policy options.

3.     Students will able to demonstrate critical thinking, including the ability to form an argument.

4.     Students will able to discuss the major theories and concepts of political science and its subfields.

5.     Students will able to discuss the theory and apply the methodology of comparative analysis within the discipline of political science.

6.     Students will able to write an analysis of the institutions, political behavior and political ideas of another country.

7.     Students will able to analyze articles of varying complexity on international topics.

8.     Students will able to identify the core normative philosophy of the field of peace studies.

9.     Students will able to describe and analyze cases in the past century in which conflict was resolved without violence.

10.                        Students will able to write a clear and coherent expository synopsis of the theory of a major thinker in the history of political thought.

                                                    Department OF Computer Science

To enhance fundamental concepts of computer with present level knowledge of the students.To familiarize the students about operating system, peripheral devices, computer networks and internet concepts.To Impart knowledge of computer equipments, including operating system and programming environment.To identify information needs to solve problems, recovering information and applying it to the resolutions.


                                                       Department of Sanskrit

·        Reading: Students will become accomplished active readers who appreciate ambiguity and complexity, and who can articulate their own interpretations with an awareness and curiosity for other perspectives.

·         Culture and History: Students will gain a knowledge of the major traditions of

 literatures written in Sanskrit.

·        Mode of Hindu Survival : Sanskrit and only Sanskrit is the language which should bubbles up in our mind even if we merely think about Hindu Survival.

·         Practical Advantages: It someone does not know Sanskrit he is obviously missingsomething. He cannot get the clear perspective of Vedas, Geeta, Upaniskads, Ramayana, Mahavarata, Arthaspshtra and many the books, which are till regarded as the finest piece by a large portion of our society.

·        One step Towards Spiritual upliftment: We need to keep in mind that it has a perfect grammar and nicely built structure.

·        writings: Students will be able to write Devnagari Scripts.

·        Research Skills: Students will be able to identify topics and formulate questions for productive inquiry. 

·        Oral Communications: Students will demonstrate the skills needed to participate in conversation that builds knowledge collaboratively.

·         Sanskrit as a Career Option: Sanskrit is recognized as “mother of all languages” throughout the greater portion of the world. Even if you aiming for a bright career only, Sanskrit can provide it, till today.Harvard of Cambridge oxford to Trinitycollege Dublin – can end up with a faculty post in some highly ranked universities,

·        One step Towards Spiritual upliftment: We need to keep in mind that it has a perfect grammar and nicely built structure.