Government College Nalwa was established in 1981 with the motto of spreading education at grass-root level, to be able to create better human beings. Based in a rural area, we are proud to state that ours is an eco-friendly campus, with a green campus that is spread across 5 acres. We have a total faculty of 27 staff members, including 24 regular employees and 3 Extension Lecturers. Our staff includes highly educated professional with the accreditations of Ph.D. and M.Phil.. The campus is well equipped with well-ventilated classrooms, a resourceful library, computer room, smart class rooms for integrated and advanced learning, laboratories to encourage research and experimentation, a sports ground, and a campus wide lease line internet. These facilities, amongst few others, provide our students the right atmosphere to expand their horizons to attain success.
Existing in the world’s largest democracy, we also practice & preach democratic values on campus via various methods, including – forming a College Council, and various committees and clubs to exercise freedom of assembly and speech, inclusiveness and equality, consent, and voting. Girl students are also provided with certain special facilities in the shape of a Women Cell, Legal Literacy Cell, and a common room so they can realise what their rights are and how they can be effectively practiced, without getting marginalized.
The college does not let its location come in the way of providing all the necessary facilities and opportunities to its staff and students. Our commitment to quality education is reflected in our highly qualified, competent and dedicated staff members who not only impart education, but in the process also inculcate moral values in students.
Despite most being from the rural areas, our students leave no stone unturned to achieve a level of competence and development that can enable them to succeed. To encourage them further, Sh. Sita Ram Jindal Foundation rewards the students who achieve top results in the college with a scholarship and a gold medal.
Ours is an institution with the will to push the boundaries of human knowledge and provide an unparalleled student experience.