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I take immense pride in saying that ours is an institute that is dedicated to nurturing able and responsible students who hold the capacity of leaving their mark on the world. Education is the most powerful weapon, and its many virtues can enable anyone to rise to success. We conduct the special task of taking this strength to rural India. The College was established in 1981 with a mission to impart education at grass-root level. Our glory and legacy rests in the ability to provide quality education to those often devoid of opportunities, and create an atmosphere of enhanced learning and continual evolution of education. With this opportunity that I have been given to lead the institute, I hope to extend the journey of this college to the path of greatness. It is my duty to ensure that the college remains on the path of progress for its students. I consider myself fortunate to be in a position where I hold the ability to make this journey of gaining education better for students, and strive to address the challenges that they might be faced with. In pursuit of a shared ambition, I represent our diligent and highly competent staff that is there to make the learning experience of our students valuable. I wish to burgeon an environment of mutual growth and respect for everyone associated with the institution. To the students, I’d like to say that may your fervor for education never die and you achieve great heights of success in whichever fields you choose to be in. Good luck, and lets work harmoniously to make this institution a leading example of academic success!